Back in the day when I had a small plastic fishing boat with a trolling motor, I dreamt of seeing the fish with a fish finder. I had seen the professionals using them and being able to find the fish and catch them. (After having it for 6 months, I still dream of seeing something on the screen that might look like an echo hook of a fish. I have only gotten one hook that looked like a fish. Everything else is a flatline.)

Fast forward to today, and I am itching to catch them since I have a kayak/boat to get to them. I had been to Lake Robinson that had white bass schooling on the top water and wondered what else lurked down below that I could use a jig or crank bait to bite.

Well, I have made the dream a reality and have made a purchase of a Lowrance Hook 5x.

More information here

There are many ways to attach a fish finder and here is my game plan:

I have also purchased a Lowrance Kayak Scupper Mount. I plan to put the battery inside the pod unit of the FeelFree 11.5 and have a backup battery in the front storage area. They say a battery can last you all day, but it would be nice to have a backup. They are only $32  with a recharger, here, so I bought two of them.

I am so tired of not being successful on the water, since fishing the shore is about 30% productive. And the long hauls of catching nothing, not even a bite, is wearing thin on me. This is a game/fish changer.

Look for the installation video down below soon. Happy Fishing will be the norm for the future I am hoping. Seeing them is one thing, catching them is a whole other can of worms.