Malone Canoe and Kayak Cart
Airless “Never go flat” tires

I LOVE this light and portable cart. Yes I know that my kayak has a wheel in the keel, but I am thinking of those long hauls in a large parking lot to the waters edge. As of the writing of this post, I have not taken the boat or cart on it’s maiden voyage yet. Plus the many years of sitting and muscle wasting in front of a computer screen, I need time to rebuild my back, arm and leg muscles. I am no young thing anymore and I don’t want an injury, so pardon me for being a wimp for a while.

I am not yet ready to back this trailer down a boat ramp and submerge it and float the kayak in. I will unload and cart it to the waters edge for now.

When I opened the package, the cart frame parts were all together. I pulled out 4 things:

  • the cart
  • a baggie with 2 cotter pins
  • 2 wheels

What!!?? That’s it??!! Wow super simple! No directions needed for this build. I simply placed the wheels on the axle, insert the pin on and folded over the ring and BAM! Done!

Have not used it officially yet. Will add more details as I use it more. I did use it in my living room to hike it up to put the gorilla tape on the bottom to reduce scratches in drag and front hull landing points.

Gorilla Tape on hull