Lure 11.5

(Sorry for the weird photo, burred the background on purpose.)

When the passion/possession of getting back into fishing hit me, I did weeks of research on EVERYTHING. 30 years away from an industry can completely be redefined to the point that one knows nothing at all about a sport/hobby they once knew. Fishing is no exception.

With the explosion of kayak fishing on a personal level, there were many kayaks to wade through full of information. This I would say, is the most important investment of getting into the sport/hobby. The only way to successfully pick which one you want depends on you want, need and what is important to you.

My choice – Feelfree Lure 11.5

How I narrowed down my final choice:

1. Easy of portability
This was a make or break for me. The wheel in the keel screamed portability. Even though I also bought a Malone Cart to move it around on long distance, the wheel in the keel was a comfort feature (for my back). It is rather tippy from side to side especially if you are on uneven ground. Then it gets to be frustrating, so use a cart too for more stability. The wheel in the keel is a good feature but I give it a B. It does help but under the right ground conditions.

2. Seat
Feelfree definitely has a selling point for a comfy seat. Another selling point for me. No other company that I have seen, took time to go all out on a comfortable seat as Feelfree has. The adjustable height is incredible. Getting to be friends with the red yank cord and just the right 180-degree angle to get the seat down takes a bit of time to get.

3. Stability
So with my maiden voyage, I attempted to stand – and I liked it! I had seen this video, and was amazed:

I felt comfortable and stable while standing in it. I was very aware that if I get a strike and I start yanking I could lose MY balance. I pressed my calves into the seat to remind me that I need to be careful. If I should yank to set the hook, I will make sure to sit immediately.

It is as light as it can be at 74 pounds. It is a challenge to pick it up, but that is the “sitting all the time computer geek” in me. I am sure in time, it may get easier. But that is why I have the Malone Kayak Cart.