What is this website about?
It’s about a girl that loves fishing. My stories, videos, reviews and fish catching adventures. Hoping to inspire more girls to take up the thrill of catching fish. If I can do all this – so can you ladies! Passion, determination and fun can take you places.

So what is your day job?
My other passion… For 20+ years I have been teaching older adults computer skills and providing in-home IT support for Windows and Mac. I also am a freelance web developer in WordPress.

When did you start fishing?
Probably around 5 or 6 years old.

Who introduced you to fishing?
My grandmother. She brought her cane pole and worms on Saturday mornings and caught some good sized bluegill.

What kind of fish do you like catching?
1. Bluegill and sunfish are fun and easy to catch with worms and sometimes bread. I have not been successful with Crappy Nibbles yet.
Funny Video:

2. Bass can be a challenge and strike out of nowhere or they can blowup the right bait.
3. Trout are fun too. I have only been successful wth them in a stocked lake situation.
4. Catfish are ugly and finicky. I have only been fishing once for catfish. Had a good fight with one but it got away.

What is the biggest fish you have caught?
Bass:┬áJune 2017 – about 4 pounds didn’t have a scale at the time.

Salmon: Alaska 2009 – don’t remember pounds but here is my toothy grin:
Alaskan Salmon